GrainBridge Announces Producer Webinar Summer Series

Whenever we bring on a new ag business as a client, our main objective is always a smooth implementation- making GrainBridge a part of your business and getting producers on the system and using it with ease. We do our best from the start to ensure that our new clients have the support and training that they and their producers need. But, what about after the initial implementation? Maybe your business has had GrainBridge for a couple of years now, and you have a pretty decent client base, but is there room for growth? You have a group of farmers that are using a few tools on the system, but could there be tools they don’t even know about? These are valid questions, but these are questions that take time to address. We understand that both the ag business and the producers are incredibly busy throughout the year. You’re planting, planning, trading, , harvesting, marketing, selling, and then learning to use these new management tools on top of everything else? That’s a lot to take on. And that’s why we’re here to give our businesses and producers a helping hand with a summer series of webinars. These webinars will be focused on both exciting and educating producers about the GrainBridge platform. We will be walking through all of the key components of our software- from the planning pieces of setting up profiles, to managing expenses and setting targets, as well as tracking futures and options trades. This will be a great basic education for new users, as well as a brush-up for those who already know how to use the system. This will also be a great opportunity to show off what all GrainBridge has to offer for producers who are not yet on the system. These sessions will take place every Tuesday morning at 8 AM CST and Thursday afternoons at 1 PM CST.  The session itself will be a recorded tour of the system, but a GrainBridge team member will be standing by throughout the session to answer any questions.  

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