What’s New with the Summer 2014 Release

The August 2014 Release for GrainBridge was an update that went live for all customers on August 7, 2014.

New Features

This release was largely focused on improving functionality within the cash sales section of the application. We introduced the ability to establish cash on portions of Basis, HTA and NPE contracts. We also added the ability to attach brokerage positions to cash sales allowing users to view the overall value with both positions combined, all on one screen. In addition, a simple delivery tracking feature was added to manage bushels delivered on a cash sale. The last major enhancement is advanced filtering options within the cash dashboard. These changes and other additions are listed and detailed below.
  • Clean and simple “Add cash sale” screen. The screen for adding a cash sale is now more streamlined. At the bottom of the screen, you will see “Show more options.” This link is where you can expand the view to find and add the Sale Date, Ref ID & notes.1
  • Improved cash sale view mode to reflect the idea of a “cash contract.” 2
  • NEW: Ability to set partial cash on a portion of a Basis, HTA or NPE contract. Previously, offsetting basis and HTA contracts had to be achieved by editing the original Basis or HTA contract and creating a new cash contract. For example, if you had 15,000 bushels of corn on a basis contract and then wanted to put 5,000 on a cash contract, you would have to edit the basis contract and remove 5,000 bushels and then add a new cash contract to put them in.With this release, partial cash can be set on these contracts to better reflect and track your positions. Your cash summary will reflect these changes as they are made; the original contract amount will be shown, but with these changes attached.3
  • NEW: Attach brokerage positions to cash sales. Brokerage positions can be attached to open positions or closed positions.  NOTE- when a position is offset or closed the link or attachment to a cash position is removed because a new position has been created (closed position).  You may want to wait to attach the positions once they have been closed. 4
  • NEW: Track delivery on cash transactions. You now have the ability to track delivered amounts in the cash section. This feature can be accessed via the “View” link on the right side of a cash sale. This process will show delivered amounts, dates, and how much is yet to be delivered.5
  • NEW: cash sale filters.  In addition to the standard filter in the cash list, there is now an advanced filter. This filter allows sorting by one or multiple criteria.8
  • NEW: “Print sale” option to print the cash sale.6
  • Risk Management Report Summary Totals. The risk management report provides a new column with a weighted average for each cash transaction type.9
  • Improved functionality with copying per acre expenses in the Plan section. You are now able to copy per acre expenses from all profiles with the same base commodity. Previously, you could copy expenses from a crop type and year, but not the per acre expenses of an individual profile. With this update, you can choose a particular profile to copy the expenses from. This new functionality is particularly helpful for those managing field-by-field.11
  • NEW: Organization for the Futures and Options: Futures and Options can now be grouped by “Month”.  Notice that Futures and Options are now listed under the “Brokerage” tab on the Dashboard.12
  • Auto-Import of short-dated options:  The auto-import process of short-dated options is currently being integrated by specific firms on request.  If interested please contact support@grainbridge.com for further details.

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